Saturday, December 22, 2012

pills problem

After some time, I am going to put up another IQ question to you.

There is a person who is sick. For that he wants to drink two types of pills. let's say X and Y. Person must take one X pill and one Y pill  per day. If he get pills more than that, He will die. These X and Y pills are look alike. They can't be recognized by looking at them.  Another thing is, these pills can't be wasted because they are extremely expensive.

Well the problem is, One day accidentally he took two X pills and one Y
pill to his hand. but as mentioned above, he wants to drink one X pill
and one Y pill. How he drank pills?

Remember that if he get more than one X or Y pill, he will die definitely.
He know that he has two X pills and one Y pill in his hand. He can't waste pills by simply throwing them out.

I heard this problem from suneth.....:)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

problem about king and prisoners

I describe this problem as a story....;)
Once a upon a time there was a king and one day he prepared a party for his family . There was exactly thousand of wine bottle for this party. But a rebel puts poison in a wine bottle to assassinate the king and somehow king knew that and he wanted to find that poisoned bottle before the party. There was one day to begin the party. So he ordered his servants to use king's prisoners to find that bottle. It will take couple of hours to die after drinking this poisons.
The challenge is finding the poisoned bottle using minimum number of prisoners.
I heard this probelm from viduneth

problem about monks

This is a famous question that I heard from one of my friends.
problem description
There is a set of monks who is meditating. All of them get together to a certain location daily and meet each other but they are not talking with each other and no any other communication used but thinking power of every monk is at the same level. One day a god came to them and told them a fixed number of people will sick tomorrow. Every monk who is sick has a red spot on their forehead and anyone can see this red spot except himself(if you are infected you can't see your red spot but can see others ones). When monks get together the monks who have been infected will realize they have the illness and will not participate to the meeting the next day onward.  The god know 10 monks will get sick at this time and so us(The problem solvers but monks don't know the count is 10 but monks know that is a fixed number )..;)
The question is that
How many number of days it will take not to come to the meeting for monks who has the illness from the day they became ill?
I heard this problem from darshana

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two Ropes

Now I am going to give you a simple question that will force you to think and come up with a solution.This has an simple argument.
There are two piece of rope. Ropes are not uniform when consider the cross section and materiel. Also ropes are different from each one. When we burn two ropes respectively it takes one hour to burn completely each one. How we measure 45 minutes from these two ropes by burning?

This is my first post on blogger. So if there is any inconvenience with language please comment....thanks your participation....:) I heard this from adeesha