Saturday, December 22, 2012

pills problem

After some time, I am going to put up another IQ question to you.

There is a person who is sick. For that he wants to drink two types of pills. let's say X and Y. Person must take one X pill and one Y pill  per day. If he get pills more than that, He will die. These X and Y pills are look alike. They can't be recognized by looking at them.  Another thing is, these pills can't be wasted because they are extremely expensive.

Well the problem is, One day accidentally he took two X pills and one Y
pill to his hand. but as mentioned above, he wants to drink one X pill
and one Y pill. How he drank pills?

Remember that if he get more than one X or Y pill, he will die definitely.
He know that he has two X pills and one Y pill in his hand. He can't waste pills by simply throwing them out.

I heard this problem from suneth.....:)